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Awarded Funding: Continuation of Helix: Workforce Evolution

The System Engineering Research Center (SERC) would like to congratulate the “Helix: Workforce Evolution” research team for the newly awarded funding for their future research. It is a continuation of “Helix – Developing Effective Systems Engineers” Project under Human Capital Development. The effort is anticipated to be 12 months in duration. Background: An improved engineering capability is a […]

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Helix Project Releases Atlas 1.0: The Theory of Effective Systems Engineers

Helix project released their latest products on December 16, 2016, including: Helix has been examining what makes systems engineers effective for over four years. The relationships between Helix, Atlas, and the other products and tools are illustrated in the figure below. Atlas is a theory – a system of ideas intended to explain what makes systems […]

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INCOSE Recognizes Helix Research in July 2015 e-Newsletter

In the 2nd quarter release of the INCOSE Member e-newletter, David Long, President of INCOSE, highlights the noteworthy SERC research project, Helix, succinctly as it relates to all Systems Engineers in his opening remarks.  “In the systems engineering workforce study entitled “Helix – Developing Systems Engineers” conducted by the Systems Engineering Research Center longitudinal study of the systems engineering workforce, Pyster, […]

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SEBoK v. 1.4 Released

The BKCASE Editorial Board has released the Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) version 1.4 on Tuesday, June 30, 2015. This is the 13th iteration of the SEBoK, which is available at SEBoK Version 1.4. has seen updates in the areas of System Architecture, LifeCycle processes, System of Systems, Competencies, Ethics and Model Based Systems Engineering, as […]

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