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5th Asia-Pacific Conference on Systems Engineering (APCOSE), Seoul, South Korea, October 2011
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Bloom’s Affective Domain in Systems Engineering Education


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 Bloom’s taxonomy of educational objectives divides educational objectives into the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains. Most descrip-tions of systems engineering education place al-most total emphasis on cognitive domain content. This approach narrows the qualities to be devel-oped to those described astopic areaswhich are taught about. The affective domain concerns the development of values and inclinations in the stu-dent. The student must develop a sense of im-portance of material and be characterized by ap-propriate responses to the material. The practice of systems engineering involves a combination of knowledge of certain information, techniques and methods and the ability to work in engineering or-ganizationsto deliversignificantly complex sys-tems.Systems engineeringcompetency frame-works reflect variouskinds of competence required for success. Some competencies follow from knowing about topics but others involveattitudes and approaches to work. This paper discusses the importance of the affective domain in systems en-gineering education.