Agile SE Enablers and Quantification

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Richard Turner, Stevens Institute of Technology (

Timeframe:  July 2014 to June 2015

Category:  Systems Engineering and Systems Management Transformation

Sponsor:  DASD



The purpose of this project is to identify, describe, and evaluate possible methods, practices or tools (enablers) that could improve the ability of systems engineering to adapt to changing development environments. In order to efficiently make use of scarce research resources, the first research task has established a triage process for identifying and then rapidly evaluating the probability of effectiveness of candidate enablers as they are identified.

The ultimate result of the process is an evaluation white paper supporting one of three decisions:

  1. not likely to be effective,
  2. possibly suitable but more research is needed, or
  3. definitely suitable and expedited transition is recommended.



The overall process, as illustrated above, leverages nearly a decade of research into practice description, evaluation and dissemination represented by the DoD Acquisition Best Practices Clearinghouse (BPCh)..1 [1, 2, 3] The process itself can operate concurrently for a number of enablers, and the actual cadence can be adjusted by the number of enablers under consideration and the number and availability of evaluators.


Major Deliverables:


Publications:  none to date

Research Team

  • Dr. Richard Turner, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Ye Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Keith Barlow, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Richard Ens, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Joshua Bloom, Carnegie Mellon University

Collaborating Institutions

Project Researchers