Army Systems Engineering Career Development Model

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Val Gavito, Stevens Institute of Technology (

Timeframe:  November 2013 to March 2014 (Phase I):  June 2014 to January 2015 (Phase II)

Category: Human Capital Development


Objectives:  Review and assess Army System Engineering Career Development Models  (CDM) efforts to date and develop a recommended approach to develop an integrated career development system model for Army civilian engineers. Desired features of an Army System Engineering CDM include:

    • Provide engineering domain and experience-dependent career progressions of roles and responsibilities, education, and training spanning career progressions from intern to key leadership positions.
    • Be adaptable to account for the opportunities and challenges of Army civilian human capital management to include, for example, rotational assignments.
    • Address individual, organizational and enterprise actions for career development to include;
      • Individual:  The individual actions should have allowances for facts-of-life changes to allow an individual to tailor their career development.
      • Organizational:  The organizational model should address organizational responsibilities for career development.
      • Enterprise:  The enterprise aspects should address policies and infrastructure changes to support career management at an enterprise level.

Approach:  This project has two phases:

    • Phase 1 (RT 104):  Developed the Improved Army System Engineering Career Development System (IASE-CDS) Systems Engineering Career Development Model (SE-CDM) architecture to provide the Army with an integrated approach to developing a pool of qualified Key Leadership Position (KLP) candidates.  The IASE-CDS is envisioned to be continuous, deliberate, and progressive. As proposed, it could be built, as much as possible, utilizing existing Army career development assets, modified as required, and integrated into a single, coherent system that can be implemented within the Army Civilian Training Education and Development System (ACTEDS).
    • Phase 2 (RT 121):  Expand on the recommended Education & Experience, Tenure & Cross Functional Competencies, Mentorship, and Currency & Continuous Learning Module components of the RT 104 IASE-CDS architecture.

Application:  Design, deployment, and management of an integrated Army engineering career development system to support the development of qualified Army engineering KLP candidates.


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  • Dr. Val Gavito, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Michael Pennotti, Stevens Institute of Technology

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