Collaboration Enabled Analytics: Methods, Processes, & Tools

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Hady Salloum, Stevens Institute of Technology (

Timeframe:   January 2014 to  August 2014

Category: Enterprise Systems and System of Systems


Objective: The task will achieve outcomes through the exploration of opportunities for enhancing collaboration in complex, defense data analytic systems supporting the work dynamic networks of human analysts.

Approach: The research will extend previous research into collaborative systems for data analytics and will seek to leverage and build upon prior research pertaining to the following:

  • Methods for applying collaborative knowledge bases, especially Wikipedia and other wiki-like representations, across a range of language-agile semantic processing tasks, among them:
    1. Automated, language-agnostic semantic content extraction from large text archives;
    2. Automated rendering of foreign language semantic content; and
    3. Automated, language-agnostic ontology synthesis from large foundational text archives.
  • Methods for remote, nonintrusive, privacy-preserving estimation of cloud deployed data stores’ content intersection with other designated archives.
  • Methods for generating multi-modal signatures for artifacts captured in various syntactic representations, e.g., video, to enable data rendezvous with collateral data holdings as part of complex, distributed analytic systems.

This research will highlight how the above enablers could be used as part of an overall enterprise systems analytics process.



Publications: None to date

Research team

  • Dr. Hady Salloum, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Jeff Nickerson, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Wendy Wang, Stevens Institute of Technology

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