Flexible Vehicle System Engineering And Integration

Principal Investigator: Dr. Walter Bryzik, Wayne State University (wbryzik@eng.wayne.edu)

Timeframe:  September 2010 to June 2012

Category: Systems Engineering and Management Transformation



  • To identify the System Engineering (SE) needs with the U.S. Army Tank and Automotive Research and Development Command (TARDEC)
  • To identify SE methods, procedures and tools that are specifically applicable to TARDEC SE and their supported programs across Department of Defense (DoD)
  • To identify deficiencies, gaps and missing content of training material needed by TARDEC
  • To create case studies and related methods, procedures and tools to help address TARDEC SE capability shortfalls
  • To develop a methodology to introduce the case studies and related methods, procedures, and tools into SE courses.

Approach: The project consisted of four technical tasks:

1. Analyze TARDEC SE Needs
2. Identify SE Education Gaps
3. Conduct Case Studies Addressing the Needs and Gaps
4. Disseminate Results

The major technical effort was devoted to the development of two case studies that were identified through the analysis of TARDEC SE needs and identification of SE education gaps. The first case study was a short (3 month) effort to develop formalization for physical reserve capacity requirements for versatile ground vehicles. The second case study was an extensive effort consisting of six phases over 15 months, to illustrate the evolution of the “Project Plan” for SE and project management, required by RDECOM OPORD 10-065 issued in August 2010, for Science and Technology (S&T) projects.


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Publications: none to date

Research Team

Research Team

  • Dr. Walter Bryzik, Wayne State University
  • Dr. Gary Witus, Wayne State University

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