Systems Engineering Expert Knowledge (SEEK)

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Jon Wade, Stevens Institute of Technology (

Timeframe:  July 2014  through November 2015

Category: Human Capital Development


Objective: To develop case studies to support the educational needs of systems engineers.  The contractor shall develop case studies that address the following topics:

  • Development Planning and Early Phase SE
  • Eliciting, Developing, and Analyzing Requirements
  • Identifying an Affordable Design, SE Affordability Trade-Off Analysis
  • Designing, Producing, and Sustaining Reliable, Maintainable, and Supportable Systems
  • System Assurance and Program Protection
  • Controlling Cost Throughout the Product Life-Cycle
  • Transition to Production and Deployment
  • SE in Rapid Acquisition; Tailoring SE Processes
  • Understanding Industry and Business Acumen
  • Planning, Managing, and Leading Technical Reviews
  • SE in Sustaining and Supporting Complex Systems

There are also several major non-Aerospace defense acquisition programs that have been very successful and have not been captured in a technical, useful form.  We explore the utility of these systems for case studies, and provide technical analyses of the outcomes of these programs.

We are developing the case studies to include background information, major engineering decisions with detail from key personnel, statuses of the programs at each milestone and gate review.  We are also including the technical and program history, a review of requirements generation, review and critique of the major design reviews, review of the initial and ongoing risk estimation and mitigation, failure points, technical maturity and readiness levels, requirements creep cost growth. We also are analyzing risk, system trades, technical maturity, cost estimate and growth, and the estimation of systems effectiveness and sustainability for inclusion to the case studies.


Major Deliverables:

The contractor shall deliver:


Publications:  none to date

Research Team


  • Dr. Forrest Shull, Carnegie Mellon University, SEI
  • Dr. Jon Wade, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Dave Olwell, Naval Postgraduate School
  • Dr. James Mason, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer, Carnegie Mellon University, SEI


Collaborating Institutions

Project Researchers