Transforming Systems Engineering through Model Based Systems Engineering-ARDEC

Principal Investigator:  Dr. Mark Blackburn, Stevens Institute of Technology (

Timeframe:  August 2016 through August 2017 (Phase 1)

Category: Systems Engineering and Systems Management Transformation

Sponsor:  ARDEC



The goal for Systems Engineering (SE) Transformation, one of the key elements of SERC’s research strategy, is to move from engineering approaches for systems that are designed for optimal performance against a static set of requirements over long procurement cycles (which is what we practice today), to approaches that enhance the productivity of engineers to rapidly develop cost effective, flexible, agile systems that can respond to evolving threats and mission needs. We seek to understand a new class of practices and measures related to Model Centric Engineering that can enable a radical transformation of SE.

This multi-year project sponsored by the US Army RDECOM-ARDEC will include five key research tasks:

  1. Framework/architecture of development and collaboration environment
  2. Formalization of Information Model for ARDEC-relevant domains to support Capturing and Sharing of Data
  3. Modeling Methodology and Implementation at ARDEC
  4. Application context – Counter UAS
  5. Define System Engineering Transformation Roadmap. Develop a roadmap to rollout capabilities addressing these five perspectives in parallel:
    • Technologies and infrastructure
    • Methodologies and processes
    • People, training, competencies and framework viewpoints and interfaces
    • Operational & contractual paradigms for transformed interactions with industry
    • Governance



ApplicationOne of the tasks is to develop a Systems Engineering Transformation Roadmap, which will directly address the transition of the conducted research conducted into practice at ARDEC.


Publications:  none to date

Research Team


  • Mark Blackburn, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Dinesh Verma, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Robin Dillon‐Merrill, Georgetown University
  • Roger Blake, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Mary Bone, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Brian Chell, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Andrew Dawson, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • John Dzielski, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Rick Dove, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Paul Grogan, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Steven Hoffenson, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Eirik Hole, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Roger Jones, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Benjamin Kruse, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Jeff McDonald, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Kishore Pochiraju, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Chris Snyder, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Lu Xiao, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Todd Richmond, University of Southern California
  • Edgar Evangelista, University of Southern California

Collaborating Institutions

Project Researchers