Conference Paper: A Model for Estimating Agile Project Schedule Acceleration

Title: A Model for Estimating Agile Project Schedule Acceleration

Publication Date: 5/18/2013

Conference: 35th International Conference on Software Engineering


Accelerating development schedules is increasingly important in a competitive world. Reduced  ime-to-market is a key response to competitive threats in the commercial sphere, and rapid response in deploying military systems may save lives in a geopolitical environment characterized by rapidly emerging and ever-changing physical threats. Agile/lean development methodologies show promise in providing the desired schedule acceleration, but it can be difficult for planners to determine the effects of these factors on schedule duration, and to make appropriate choices to optimize project performance. The Constructive Rapid Application Development Model (CORADMO) attempts to quantify the effects of key schedule drivers, and thus enable planners to estimate the relative schedule that will result from varying these parameters.