Conference Paper: SE Simulation Experience Design: Infrastructure, Process, and Application

Pages from INCOSE_17_paper_177 EA - UK MoDTitle: SE Simulation Experience Design: Infrastructure,  Process, and Application

Publication Date: July 15-20, 2017

Conference: 27th Annual INCOSE International Symposium (IS 2017)


The Systems Engineering Experience Accelerator (SEEA) is a new approach to developing the systems engineering and technical leadership workforce. The project is aimed at accelerating experience assimilation through immersive, simulated learning situations where learners solve realistic problems. A prototype of the technology infrastructure and experience content has been developed, piloted, and evaluated. While the prototype has proved useful, its ability to support a community of educators and developers is limited by the challenges in creating or changing experiences. This paper proposes an initial taxonomy of experience archetypes to help development and reuse of experiences, and describes the experience design and development process using the SEEA tool suite. This is followed by an application case study: an experience developed by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence to accelerate the maturity of reliability engineers and their role in identifying and resolving safety issues.

Other Researchers:

  • Duncan Kemp, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Yvette Rodriguez, Defense Acquisition University
  • Peizhu Zhang, Stevens Institute of Technology