Conference Paper: Modeling Kanban Processes in Systems Enginering

Title:  Modeling Kanban Processes in Systems Enginering

Publication Date: 6/2/2012

Conference: International Conference on the Software Process (ICSSP), Zurich, Switzerland, June 2012.


Systems engineering processes using pull scheduling methods (kanban) are being evaluated with hybrid modeling and simulation. We are assessing integrated systems and software engineering at the enterprise level, where rapid response software development projects incrementally evolve capabilities of existing systems and/or systems of systems. A kanban-based scheduling system was defined and implemented with connected discrete, continuous and agent-based models. We are simulating the process performance vs. traditional methods of sharing systems engineering services across projects, and whether the overall value of the systems of systems over time is increased.

Keywords -systems engineering processes; process modeling and simulation; kanban processes; integrating systems and software engineering; hybrid modeling