SERC Talk: “What Were the Top Issues and Opportunities from the SERC Model‐Centric Design and Acquisition Forum?”

TOPIC: “What Were the Top Issues and Opportunities from the SERC Model‐Centric Design and Acquisition Forum?”

SPEAKER: Dr. Dinesh Verma, Dean and Professor, School of Systems and Enterprises, and Executive Director, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)

DATE: Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Model-centric engineering can be characterized as an overarching digital
and visual approach to engineering. Digital technologies are changing how organizations are conceptualizing,
architecting, designing, developing, producing, and sustaining. Some use model-centric environments for customer engagements, as well as design engineering
analyses and review sessions. Some are integrating mission and system-level modeling
and simulations originally created for design and development and expanding them into new cloud-like services enabled by the industrial Internet. Most organizations today have a unique capability realized by integrating commercial technologies and tools with their own innovations.

The Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC) organized an Industry-Government Forum to gain insights from key stakeholders in the “user community” on how to transform our engineering and acquisition culture in light of these advancements, how to align engineering and business/acquisition models; and explore ideas and concepts to improve the efficiencies, and speed development, deployment, and sustainment of needed capabilities to the user.

The intent of this Forum was for key stakeholders in industry, government, and academia to converge and identify high-value “air gaps” that remain as hurdles in model-centric engineering, and that can be addressed through focused research and policy.  This presentation will highlight the primary insights and challenges identified during this forum. 

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