Technical Report: Systems Engineering Assessment & Workforce Development Plan

Report Number:  Technical Report SERC-2012-TR-026-1

Report Name:  Systems Engineering Assessment & Workforce Development Plan

Publication Date: November 5, 2012


Research in the area of systems engineering competency has yielded significant Department of Defense (DoD) policies, guidance, and reference materials pertaining to applying systems engineering (SE) policy, standards, and best practices for higher performance on major acquisition programs. These best practices are not universally applied across the DoD and particularly to the US Army Research, Development, and Engineering Command (RDECOM). Further research is needed to enable acquisition,
research, and development efforts with the ability to tailor existing documentation and augment, as needed, to better focus the breadth and depth to which policies, guidance, and extent of documentation is utilized.
This research task assessed the current state of systems engineering maturity within RDECOM to benchmark its position relative to its practices to establish a plan/roadmap to aid RDECOM in creating a Systems Engineering Organization Standard Process appropriate for a world class Research & Development organization. This research task utilized an RDECOM analysis of its SE competencies to develop appropriate platforms to fill competency gaps and deliver appropriate training content and competency assessment tools to provide qualitative and quantitative guidance to RDECOM in the development of a SE organizational competency.