Technical Report: Agile Systems Engineering – Kanban Scheduling Subsection

Report Number: SERC-2017-TR-104

Report Name: Agile Systems Engineering – Kanban Scheduling Subsection

Publication Date: 10 March, 2017

Project: Agile-Lean Software Engineering Evaluating Kanban In SE


Executive Summary

Goals of this research: Develop the Demonstration and Analysis Tool for Agile SE Management (DATASEM)—a flexible modeling and simulation capability to:

  1. Enable realistic experiments to understand how governance models, organizational structures and work flows interact across a system of systems
  2. Provide a framework to calibrate assumptions of performance
  3. Integrated experiment generation tools

DATASEM is intended as an initial instantiation of an evolving and expanding set of integrated tools to support research and transition.

Results of this Research task activities:

  1. The suite of software developed and delivered in December of 2015 was determined to have fundamental defects that caused it to improperly represent the concepts as originally intended
  2. The defects were largely caused by incomplete or ambiguous definitions of several of the model mechanism concepts
  3. A more definitive description of the concepts was created and delivered in a technical report
  4. A data model describing information produced by the simulation was developed to support the new descriptions
  5. There were insufficient resources to complete the development of the suite to align with the refined definitions
  6. An experiment based on data from an aerospace industry source was defined as a MS project by a Stevens graduate student; the stand-alone version of the software was modified sufficiently to incorporate mechanisms to support the student’s experiment
  7. Updated software is available through
  8. One journal article and one conference paper were published. A second conference paper will be produced based on the results of the experiment.

Next Steps:

  • The software suite will continue to be evolved using resources outside the SERC
    • The MS student will produce a paper on the results of his experiment.
    • A simulation result analysis tool (simulation playback) is being developed at USC
    • Graduate student researchers will continue to refine the system to support their dissertation research where appropriate
  • Other research areas are identified

Additional Researchers:

  • Dr. Jeffrey Smith, Auburn University
  • Mr.Donghuang Li, Auburn University
  • Mr. Gokhan Ozden, Auburn University
  • Mr. Paul McGary, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Mr. Alexey Tregubov, University of Southern California