Technical Report: Engineered Resilient Systems – Systems Engineering: Knowledge Capture and Transfer

Report Number: Technical Report SERC-2014-TR-045-1

Report Name: Engineered Resilient Systems – Systems Engineering: Knowledge Capture and Transfer

Publication Date: August 29, 2014


Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS) is one of the seven DoD Science and Technology (S&T) Priorities. The ERS program is evolving a framework and an integrated, trusted computational environment supporting all phases of acquisition and operational analyses. Resilient systems necessitate data-driven, richly informed decisions. Achieving resilience in the past has relied on expertise of experienced senior decision makers using deep knowledge of their systems within their context. In support of the ERS tradespace analysis goals, this research is motivated by thepressing concern in the defense-related industry and government of the aging workforce. The resulting wave of impending retirements of experienced personnel may lead to lost knowledge and inability to recreate past systems, let alone develop new ones of growing complexity. The concern over lost expertise, including both in-domain as well as systems-level thinking is a real one, and one that has received growing attention. Using a structured technique, it has been shown that novices can approach expert-like strategies in the use of visual tradespace exploration for decision-making. Additionally, tradespace exploration has been shown to be useful as a “boundary object” fostering cross-domain conversations, and facilitating decision making for complex systems. Such tradespace results are promising in representing a means for capturing and transferring expert knowledge and skills. In this project, the research team gathered expert knowledge and synthesized emerging ERS-related research, toward a goal enabling novices to have expert-like decision capability through encoded knowledge and datadriven tradespace analysis framework and integrated tool suite.