Technical Report: Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE) Phase 4

Report Number: Technical Report SERC-2017-TR-103

Report Name: Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE) Phase 4

Publication Date:  March 1,2017

Project: Interactive Model-Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE)



Executive Summary:

The Interactive Model‐Centric Systems Engineering (IMCSE) research program arises from the unique opportunity to investigate the various aspects of humans interacting with models and model‐generated data, in the context of systems engineering practice. IMCSE research aims to develop transformative results through enabling intense human‐model interaction, to rapidly conceive of systems and interact with models in order to make rapid trades to decide on what is most effective given present knowledge and future uncertainties, as well as what is practical given available resources and constraints. While model‐based engineering initiatives are advancing technical aspects of models in the engineering of systems, this research advances knowledge relevant to human interaction with models and model‐generated information.

Other Researchers:

  • Matthew Fitzgerald, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Erling Shane German, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Jack Reid, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Lucie Reymondet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology