Technical Report: New Project Incubator

Report Number: Technical Report No. SERC-2015-TR-106

Report Name: RT 128:  New Project Incubator


Executive Summary

As described in this Technical Plan, the SERC performs research on 20-25 active tasks on well-defined topics that are aligned with the SERC’s research strategy. While it is believed that that the aforementioned research programs have a great potential to have a transformative impact on the DoD and IC, there is a need to support new ideas in their infancy that may become the critical research programs for emerging challenges. This incubation capability will be supported by an annual open call to the SERC research collaborating universities to propose early stage research that can be nurtured through relatively small levels of seed funding.

The initial open call took place in September 2014 with the objective of identifying and developing several short white papers outlining research programs with a significant potential to improve the practice of engineering systems. Each of the received proposals were reviewed by the Research Council except where they noted that they had a potential conflict. Each member provided a final score based on an equal weighing in each of the following four criteria as well as a set of short comments:
• Intellectual Merit
• Clarity of Vision
• Past Performance
• Potential Strategic Impact

Publication Date: September 4, 2015