Technical Report: Requirements Management for Net-Centric Enterprises – Phase 2

Report Number: Technical Report SERC-2011-TR-0017-2
Report Name: Requirements Management for Net-Centric Enterprises – Phase 2


Net-centric enterprises increasingly are found in government and industry contexts. In this research, a net-centric enterprise consists of a number of semi-autonomous organizations that collaborate within the context of a federated structure. Such collaborations may be temporary and of known duration, temporary and of unknown duration, or permanent and known to be permanent.

When such semi-autonomous organizations collaborate, they typically have information technology needs to support their collaboration. In the information technology (IT) domain, such needs are called requirements. From a business or organizational perspective, these needs are called capabilities or functions. In designing and developing IT systems to support high-level capabilities, capabilities are decomposed to functions and then to requirements. From requirements, software architectures are derived and then implemented. This process occurs in the context of integrating or interoperating systems. The fundamental problem is how to manage the process of proceeding from capabilities to systems, i.e., requirements management in the netcentric
enterprise. This is a socio-technical problem involving inter-organizational socio issues, as well as technical system integration issues.

This report provides a methodology for addressing the requirements management problem that includes component methods, processes and tools for addressing subproblems.This methodology is evaluated via application to case studies of system integrations that have strong net-centric enterprise characteristics. In addition, case studies are used to elucidate effective practices with respect to socio issues. Validation of the concepts and results of the research is done via interaction with subject matter experts. Finally, recommendations for future research and technology transfer areprovided.

Publication Date: December 31, 2011


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Evolutionary Requirements For Net-Centric Enterprise