Technical Report: Research on Building Education & Workforce Capacity in Systems Engineering

Report Number: Interim Technical Report SERC-2011-TR-008-2

Report Name: Research on Building Education & Workforce Capacity in Systems Engineering

Publication Date: February 7, 2011


Executive Summary

Research on Building Education & Workforce Capacity in Systems Engineering,(referred to as the SE Capstone Project), is conducting research to understand the methods through which systems engineering learning and career interest may be increased among undergraduate and graduate engineering students. This research is being conducted in the context of 14 “capstone” courses, in most cases as an integrative culminating, project-based course involving teams of students working together on the development of a product or prototype that addresses a real Department of Defense need. Implemented as pilot courses in eight civilian and six military universities, these 14 institutions are piloting methods, materials, and approaches to create new courses or enhance existing courses to embed, infuse, and augment systems engineering knowledge, as defined by the SPRDE-SE/PSE Competency Model, among undergraduate and graduate students. This report is a snapshot of progress and preliminary findings as reported in SE Capstone partners’ interim reports as of January 2011 which, in most cases, represents the midpoint of their course implementation. Each university chose one or more problem areas based on existing faculty expertise and interest. Two civilian universities and one service academy chose to work in more
than one of the DoD problem areas. More than half the projects (8) addressed DoD Problem Area 1, with Problem Area 4 as the next most commonly addressed topic, with the remaining two problem areas divided among the other institutions.