Technical Report: Security Engineering Project

Report Number: Technical Report SERC-2012-TR-028-2

Report Name: Security Engineering Project


The Security Engineering project has focused on the development of what is referred to as System Aware Cyber Security, a novel approach for adding cyber attack defense in depth through embedding cyber security solutions to protect specified critical functions of a system within the perimeter of the system. The research efforts have focused on:

  1. Concept definition for System Aware Security
  2. Design and analysis of reusable system aware security designs that can serve as patterns for solutions that are repetitive at the design concept level from system to system. This includes adopting and utilizing a specification format for security design patterns.
  3. Development and initial trial of a first methodology to support system engineers in the selection of groups of available design patterns for a specific system implementation.

The research has progressed to the point where work was initiated to start exploring a DoDselected
specific application: unmanned airborne vehicles (UAV’s). This work involved starting the initial concept development for application of System-Aware cyber security design patterns and architecture selection methodology to a specific commercial off-the-shelf UAV system platform carrying electronic data collection apparatus (optical/IR cameras, a radar subsystem and signal collection receivers). The remainder of this report provides the results for the three System Aware cyber security research areas identified above, as well as the initial exploratory results for the selected UAV application.

Publication Date: October 24, 2012