Technical Report: System of Systems Analytic Workbench- 2017

Title: System of Systems Analytic Workbench – 2017

Report No.: Technical Report SERC-2017-TR-112

Publication Date: August 31, 2017

Project: Assessing the Impact of Development Disruptions and Dependencies in System of Systems (SoS)

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Our work in RT-178 has continued tool development of the System of Systems Analytic Workbench (SoS-AWB) and transitional activities with key collaborators. The tools include: System Operational Dependency Analysis/System Developmental Dependency Analysis (SODA/SDDA), Multi-Stakeholder Dynamic Optimization (MUSTDO), System Importance Measures (SIMs), and Robust Portfolio Optimization (RPO).
The workbench provides a means of addressing SoS practitioners’ ‘archetypal questions’ in scenarios where size and/or interdependencies between systems are high. The workbench also enables analysis of capability and risk during the conduct of SoS evolution. Our common use case demonstration problem involves a Naval Warfare Scenario (NWS) that is based on the architecture of the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). Each of the tools has used this common case study to illustrate the value in each tool performing various types of SoS level architectural analysis, as evidenced by prior literature and extensive documentation for predecessor RT-36, RT-44b, RT-108, and RT-134 tasks.
While continuing research on each of the methods, our FY17 RT-178 effort emphasized transitioning of the AWB for test in practical settings with our key collaborator(s), and dissemination to the broader community in terms of two main deliverables of a TED-style talk on the SoS-AWB, and, a white paper on reflections of a successful SERC project and directions for future projects. The following summarizes main accomplishments during our period of performance for this research task.

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Other Researchers:

  • Rakshit Chandrahasa, Purdue university