Technical Report: Systems Engineering Expert Knowledge (SEEK)

Report Number:  Technical Report SERC-2015-TR-112

Report Name:  Systems Engineering Expert Knowledge (SEEK)

Publication Date: December 18, 2015

Technical Report RT-119: Systemic Assurance

Executive Summary

This document is a summary of the work that was completed in Part 1 of the SERC Research Topic DO1/TTO2/0127 “Systems Engineering Expert Knowledge (SEEK)” supported by Strategic Initiatives, Office of the DASD (Systems Engineering). The purpose of this research project is to addresses the gap in the systems engineering research literature: the lack of detailed case studies about systems engineering successes and failures. The authors propose to develop a series of case studies tailored to defense education needs. These case studies will support instruction at the Defense Acquisition University and at the Naval Postgraduate School, the federal service academies, and other government education and training providers. The major research activities accomplished the following:

  • Created a  set of two companion case studies that:
    • cover the entire program lifecycle, particularly  through Test and  Evaluation.
    • provide  contrast: one of the  case studies will  describe a relatively  successful program, while the  other will cover one  that was not as successful.  o provide vignettes for the Engineering  302 modular course to cover specific areas.

Note: Two versions  of each were created due to the  FOUO sensitivity of the source data. A variety  of sources were used to develop this material, including:

  • Program budget and schedule performance, rebaselining activity
  • Recorded  progress against KPP  objective measures
  • Operational Test outcomes
  • EVM  measures
  • Prior analyses from Congressional Research Service,  GAO, and others
  • Program  documentation
  • Organizational policies (especially when written into contracts)
  • Discussions with key government and contractor stakeholders