Technical Report: Technical Leadership Development Program – Year 4

Report Number: Technical Report SERC-2010-TR-013-4

Report Name: Technical Leadership Development Program – Year 4

Publication Date: February 28, 2013


In 2009, the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) contracted with the Systems Engineering Research Center(SERC)for Research Task4(RT;4) to conduct research and development for a proposed Systems Engineering(SE)technical leader ship course(SYS350)to accelerate technical leadership development of Systems Planning,Research,Development,and Engineering(SPRDE) senior level systems engineers. The RT;4 project developed a prototype leadership course, designated by DAU as SYS350, that is comprised of three 5;day course modules or lenses designated as the SYS350A Systems lens, the SYS350B Business lens, and the SYS350C Enterpriselens.
In Year 2 of the RT;4 task, the SERC research team developed the prototype 5;day course module for the SYS350A course module or lens.Two SYS350A Systems lens pilot courseswere conducted resulting in student feedback evaluation of the course and the instructors. The SYS350A feedback provided the foundation for subsequent SYS350B and SYS350C course research and development.In Year 3 of the RT;4 task, the SERC team revised portions of the baseline SYS350A course prototype and conducted asecond SYS350A student pilot,developed prototype SYS350B and SYS350C modules and conducted two 350B and two 350C pilots.