Conference Paper: Understanding System of Systems Development Using an Agent-Based Wave Model

Title: Understanding System of Systems Development Using an Agent-Based Wave Model

Publication Date: 11/14/2012

Conference:  Complex Adaptive Systems Conference, Washington, D.C., November 2012


System of Systems development is a complex process that depends on the cooperation of various independent systems. It is further influenced by human behavior through organizations that are stakeholders in the SoS and in the individual systems. The SoS development has been shown to follow a wave paradigm known as the Wave Model. Agent based models (ABM) consist of a set abstracted entities referred to as agents, and a framework for simulating agent decisions and interactions. Agents have their own goals and are capable of perceiving changes in the environment. System behavior (global behavior) emerges from the decisions and interactions of the agents. This paper uses an Agent-Based implementation of the Wave Model and shows the influence that individual systems can exert on the overall SoS development through system-to-system cooperation or non-cooperation. This paper also explores the effect that stakeholder organizations can have on the success or failure of the SoS development. The stakeholder organizations exhibit human behavior in the range of supporting to opposing the SoS development. The Agent-Based Wave Model is based on an existing SoS historical data and can be used to show the factors that affect the SoS development.