Released: 2016 SERC Annual Report “Strengthening the Systems Research Network in the U.S.”

SERC is pleased to announce the release of the 2016 SERC Annual Report for distribution. This edition can be located on the SERC Annual Reports page along with past years, or by simply clicking the image below. The theme of this year’s report is “Strengthening the Systems Research Network in the U.S.” The theme not only reflects on the achievements of 2016, but also the fulfillment of the vision and mission of SERC as we look to catalyze community growth among systems engineering researchers by enabling collaboration among many research organizations, and accelerate systems engineering competency development through rapid transfer of its research to educators and practitioners. Please note all links in the report can be clicked to take you to the area of interest.

Thank you again to Megan Clifford and Alex Soto, who spearheaded the effort. Also thank you to: Mark Blackburn, Roger Blake, Barry Boehm, Maia Canlas, Dan DeLaurentis, Barry Horowitz, Nicole Hutchison, Mimi Marcus, Michael Pennock, Michael Pennotti, Donna Rhodes, Kevin Sullivan, Jon Wade, Gary Witus, Dinesh Verma and their teams, for providing content and also achievements that lead to successful research. The SERC research network of today is strengthened by the thought leadership of our Principal Investigators, exceptional contributions of our university and research collaborators, unwavering support of our sponsors, the dedication of our SERC Research Council, and the counsel of our SERC Advisory Board.