Daniel Popescu

Daniel PopescuTitle:

Senior Software Engineer at Google

Research Role: Researcher

Email Address: dpopescu@usc.edu

Daniel Popescu received Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Southern California. His research interests include software architecture, distributed event-based systems and software maintenance. His Ph.D. advisor was Professor Nenad Medvidović.

Senior Software Engineer:  – Present (4 years, 5 months) Los Angeles, CA
  • Senior Software Engineer working on brand lift at Google.

Research Assistant in Software Engineering, University of Southern California: August 2006 – December 2011 (5 years, 5 months)

  • Developed dependence analysis algorithms that improve maintainability of event-based systems
  • Identified architectural anti-patterns that negatively affect the maintainability of software systems
  • Designed and prototyped rule-based components that detect editing conflicts in collaborative modeling
  • Designed and implemented meta-fault-tolerance and pub-sub-routing as middleware services
  • Planned and performed design refactoring of architectural middleware services
  • Coauthored 16 research publications in the area of software engineering

*Research Work took place while at University of Southern California.

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