Elliot Axelband


Associate Dean for Research Development

Research Role: Researcher

Email Address: axelband@rand.org

Elliot Axelband was awarded a BEE from the Cooper Union in 1958, an MSEE from USC in 1960, and a Ph.D. in Engineering from UCLA in 1966. He joined the Hughes Electronics Company in 1958 and while there was responsible for major program and product line divisions, retiring as a vice president and general manager in 1993. In 1994 he joined the USC School of Engineering where he served as the Associate Dean for Research and Development, Director of the Graduate Program in Systems Architecting and Engineering, and a Research Professor of Electrical Engineering. He also began his consulting practice at the RAND Corporation at that time, as well participating on several company boards as a Director. He retired from USC in 2003, and became a RAND Senior Engineer. Dr. Axelband is an INCOSE and IEEE Fellow, a Director of Legacy Engineering, and has recently served on several government assignments assessing the quality of programs and acquisition practice.

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