George Friedman


Adjunct Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research Role: Researcher

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Dr. Friedman received his BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1949. He received his MS and PhD degrees from UCLA in 1956 and 1967 in the fields of Controls, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics in 1992.

Dr. Friedman has 45 years of non-repetitive experience in the aerospace industry in the areas of stealth bombers, missiles, terminally guided submunitions, spacecraft, electro-optical and acoustic sensors, avionics integration and stellar-aided inertial navigation systems. He retired as chief technical officer of Northrop Corporation in 1993 where he was responsible for the development of all engineering processes — including systems engineering — as well as the allocation of research and development investments to the operating divisions. He served in the US Army in 1946 and 1950-2 and was part of the Army Ballistic Missile Agency.

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