Susan Lowes


Director of Research and Evaluation

Research Role: Researcher

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Dr. Susan Lowes, Director of Research and Evaluation at the Institute for Learning Technologies at Teachers College, Columbia University, has conducted research at both the university and K-12 levels, with a focus on STEM learning and on the impact of different technologies on teaching and learning. She has directed evaluations of multi-year projects funded by the U.S. Dept. of Education and the National Science Foundation, and served on Dept. of Education and NSF Advisory and Review panels. STEM-related NSF-funded projects that Dr. Lowes has evaluated at the K-12 level include ITEST (three projects), GK-12 (two projects), and BPC. University-level projects include IGERT (two current and three past projects), REU (one current and three past projects), CCLI (two current and three past projects), C-PATH (two current projects), and STEP. Dr. Lowes has worked extensively with Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Stevens Institute of Technology’s School of Engineering and Science. She has co-authored papers and presentations on STEM learning in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics.

Dr. Lowes is also Adjunct Professor in the Program in Computers, Communication, Technology, and Education at Teachers College, teaching courses on methodologies for researching technology in education and on online schools and schooling.

Research Work