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Senior Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute

Research Role: Senior Researcher

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Dr. Sitterle is a Senior Researcher conducting Applied & Transdisciplinary R&D at the Georgia Tech Research Institute. She has over 17 years experience in defining, executing, and leading applied science and engineering R&D efforts, primarily in the defense and biomedical domains. Areas of expertise include mechanical, bio-, and systems engineering.

One of Dr. Sitterle’s primary responsibilities is to serve as a key liaison across teams of applied and academic researchers, federal scientists and customers, and industry collaborators to develop bodies of work that further the field or result in direct application. In this role, she often helps craft strategic direction and develop research synergies. She has also helped develop contract and IP research agreements with university licensing specialists.

Her current research foci include frameworks and analytics to capture sociotechnical dynamics and methods coupling the synergy of complexity approaches with design and characterization of cyber-physical and autonomous engineered systems. Counter-IED technologies and other sensor/ protection platforms are a primary emphasis, especially with respect to their collective, complex behaviors in operational environments. Additional work bridges theory with applied research to enable analysis and design for Engineered Resilient Systems (ERS) with the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC). Dr. Sitterle continues to support collaborative, strategic assessment of sociotechnical complexity and analytical approaches that aid understanding of an evolving operational environment.

Specialties: Applied R&D, strategic R&D definition & coordination, complex systems, modeling & analyses, higher education, systems & mechanical engineering, biophotonics, bioengineering, product development, technology licensing.

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