William M. Shepherd


Captain, USN (Retired), NASA Astronaut (retired), Science Advisor - USSOCOM (Former)

Research Role: Advisory Board

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Capt Shepherd is a retired Navy SEAL and United States Astronaut. He was a SEAL platoon commander and operations officer. Shepherd was selected for the NASA astronaut corps in 1984. He completed three flights as a mission specialist on STS-27 Atlantis, STS-41 Discovery, and STS-52 Columbia, and was the commander of the Expedition-1 crew on the International Space Station. In1993, Capt Shepherd was assigned as the Program Manager for the International Space Station. He retired from active duty in 2002, and served as USSOCOM from 2008 to 2011 as Science Advisory, where he managed the Special Operations Forces’ science and technology portfolio. Capt Shepherd’s awards include the National Intelligence Metal, NASA’s “Steve Thorne” Airmanship Award, the komarov Diploma, The Spirit of St. Louis Medal, the Gagarin Gold Medal, the Robert H. Goddard Trophy, and the Congressional Space medal of Honor. Capt Shepherd was recently designed “Honorary naval Aviator Number30” by the Chief of Naval Air Warfare.

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