SERC Talks! A Research Webinar Series

On June 1, 2016, the Systems Engineering Research Center launched “SERC Talks,” a research webinar series, open to all. SERC Talks features researchers from our Systems Engineering community sharing their insights on various questions relevant to Systems Engineering and its evolution. Dr. Barry Boehm, our Editor-in-Chief of the series, curates SERC Talks to center around prevalent topics of our community. The series first focused on Model-Centric Systems Engineering in its inaugural year. In 2017, SERC Talks investigated, first Cyber-Physical Learning Systems and then delved into Cybersecurity. To kick off 2018, we will be discussing “Successfully Applying Agile Methods for High-Criticality Systems”. SERC Talks, stemming from the technical presentations which took place periodically during our SERC Collaborator WebEx meetings, will continue to grow and touch on other subjects and aspires to create an ongoing and more collaborative dialogue between academia, government and industry sectors. As always, SERC strives to grow Systems Engineering research into areas which can transition into impact. SERC Talks are generally the first Wednesday of every other month at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT. Check back here for updates to schedule and topics.

SERC Talks are recorded and available for viewing on the SERC Youtube Channel as well as below. Suggestions and input on what would be most interesting and beneficial to you for future topics and presenters  are welcomed; please send questions and comments to

Upcoming 2018 Talks

“Successfully Applying Agile Methods for High-Criticality Systems” Series


June 6 | 1 PM ET | Phyllis Marbach, INCOSE LA Chapter President; Senior Software Engineer at Boeing – Retired

How Do You Use Agile Methods on Highly-Critical Systems that Require Earned Value Management?

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 Successfully Applying Agile Methods for High-Criticality Systems Series

April 4 | Robin Yeman, Lockheed Martin Fellow, Lockheed Martin (LM) Information Systems and Global Solution, Agile/DevOpSec  SME

How do Agile Methods Reduce Risk Exposure and Improve Security on Highly-Critical Systems?

February 7 | Dr. Jan Bosch, Professor of Software Engineering, Director of the Software Center, Chalmers University of Technology

 Speed, Data and Ecosystems: How to Excel in a Software-Driven World?


 Cybersecurity Series

November 1 | Dr. William Scherlis, Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University

The Dilemmas of Cybersecurity – Why is Everything Broken?

 October 4 | Dr. Gary McGraw, Synopsys

What are the Top Ten Software Security Flaws?

August 2 | Barry Horowitz/Inki Kim, University of Virginia

How Do We Prepare the People Who Will Need to Manage the Real-time Responses to Cyber Attacks on Physical Systems?

Cyber-Physical Learning Systems Series

June 7 | Kevin Sullivan, University of Virginia

What Are Cyber-Social Learning Systems And How Will We Form Them?

April 5 | Paul Rosenbloom, University of Southern California

Can Graphical Models Provide a Sufficient Basis for General Intelligence?

February 1 | Grady Booch, IBM Almaden Laboratory

What Is The Self?


Model-Centric Engineering Series

December 7 | Donna Rhodes and Adam Ross, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Why is Human-Model Interactivity Important to the Future of Model-Centric Systems Engineering?

October 20 | Gary Witus, Wayne State University

What Lives at the Intersection of MOSA and Set-Based Design?


August 4 | Mark Blackburn, Megan Clifford, Dinesh Verma, Stevens Institute of Technology

What Were the Top Issues and Opportunities from the SERC Model-Centric Design and Acquisition Forum?

June 1 | Babak Heydari, Stevens Institute of Technology

We Need a New Design Perspective for Socio-technical Systems.
Can Complex Network Perspective Be a Viable Candidate? 


All the SERC talks broadcast on WebEx. If you have any issues connecting, visit the SERC Talks Troubleshooting Guide.