Today, WED. FEB 1, 2017: Grady Booch Presenting SERC Talk: “What is the Self?”

SERC TalksThe first SERC Talk of 2017 will be held today, Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 1 PM EST. Mr. Grady Booch from IBM Almaden Research Laboratory will be discussing “What is the Self?”We hope you can join us in continuing this discussion on embodied cognition. Register now for event connection details.

Questions and comments are welcome utilizing the Q&A and chat tools, respectively. For those unable to connect to the WebEx tool, please feel free to email your questions, comments ahead of time to Ms. Mimi Marcus for incorporation into the discussion and utilize the slide deck to follow along.


Grady BoochABSTRACT: Imagine unleashing Watson in the physical world. Give it eyes, ears, and touch, then let it act in that world with hands and feet and a face, not just as an action of force but also as an action of influence. This is embodied cognition: by placing the cognitive power of Watson in a robot, in an avatar, in the walls of an operating room, conference room, or spacecraft, or even an object in your hand, we take Watson’s ability to understand and reason and learn, and draw it closer to the natural ways in which humans live and work. In so doing, we augment individual human senses and abilities, giving Watson the ability see a patient’s complete medical condition, feel the flow of a supply chain, or orchestrate the tasks in a day in the life of an individual. At this touch point we encounter the intersection of big data and human presence, mediated by cognitive systems that reason and that converse with humans. Additionally, embodied cognition represents the extension of computing into the physical world, bringing cognition to the edge of the Internet of Things.

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